Haygood Paints All Natural
AKC Boxers!  All our dogs are AKC.
(We do not/will not dock tails, why cut off a perfectly good part!!??)
I do not take deposits until puppies are born, & I know they are healthy! So check back, safe zone is
two wks after birth.  After years (20+) of keeping a "list" I no longer do, your deposit puts you on the list
post on the this page.
Sadly due to still after all that few of being incapable of honoring their word - puppy's will be  held
"sale pending" ONLY with a $200 deposit @2-8 wks old.   :O)
We go in order of received signed contract with a deposit. Please read puppy contract for how a
deposit works. We update pictures every 2 wks.  If a puppy is still here without a deposit after 8 wks, please call to
come see!!  
(Please read this & puppy contract, click on underlined words! Thanks Karan
) Th
Please contact me when about 30 minutes away!! All of our dogs run
free on our 7 acres, which makes it hard for visitors to pull in!          
Thank you!
Please e-mail me at
HaygoodPaints@yahoo.com or call me at 209-205-8721 with ANY questions!
I unplug, so please give me time but will get back. If I take a wk, please contact me again!!  Sorry!!         
Visitations are almost only weekend.
Puppies!!  Sept. 29, 2018 ~ Lilo & Paul had 9 flashy babies!
6 boys, 3 girls ~ 5 sealed (blk), 2 fawns & 2 brindles.
Ready for new homes.
Jolie or Mama Jo!
"Yoda" mama & Thor
Frosted With Diamond AKA
Thor King of Legend
Forest Gump
aka Paul "sealed" brindle
Molly Lou Melon
aka Molly with fawn male Thor.
Thor is the papa of most of our younger females.
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
aka Lilo "white" brindle female
Thor King of Legend
Fawn male, aka Thor
AKA Jinny (Thor x Jo)
with our Boston Chopper
Pups At Home!!  Oh puppies!!! :o)
Molly x Thor son
Jolie x Thor
Lilo x Thor
Yoda x Thor
Lilo x Paul
Jolie x Thor
Lilo x Thor
Molly x Thor
Yoda x Thor
Yoda x Thor
AKC Princess Tiana II aka Dodo
Daughter of Mama Jo & Thor
AKC Jolie Von Knight aka Mama Jo or Jolie.  
She is 3/4 Europe *Russian.
Mother of Jinny, Bunny & Dodo.
Jinny with Mama Jo
Russian Princess aka Jinny
Daughter of Jolie & Thor
Pictures updated 1/12/19 @15 weeks old.
Thanks Karan ~ haygoodpaints@yahoo.com or 209-205-8721
Puppy pictures taken, pictures will be updated every 2 wks.
AKC puppies born June 28, 2018. *Sold thank you all!!  Cat Ballou is by Thor & Lilo
(pictures below).  Cat & Chewy had 7 babies, 2 boys & 5 girls, ALL brindles :O)
Taking deposits, 6 wks 8/11/18.  Will be ready Aug. 25, 2018 (8wks). Deposits on the
way for all boys & the girls as of 8/16/18.  
Cat Ballou
Female 1 Sold thanks Desiree & Chris!
Female 3 aka Harley Quinn ~ Sold thanks Mati!
Female 2 ~ Sold thanks Naureen!
Female 5 ~ Sold thanks Patricia & family!
Male 1 ~ Sold thank you Patricia & family!
Male 2 ~ Sold thank you Gabby & family!!
Female 4 ~ Sold thank you Luiz Family!!
Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull ~ aka Lilo
Forrest Gump ~ aka Paul
Female 1 sealed. Big personality!! Sold thank you Amy & family!!!
Female 2 brindle $1000 ~ SOLD, wiggles & wags her way into your heart!  
Thank you Mario & Cassandra
Male 3 Fawn $1000 ~ SOLD, his is a BIG boy & real ball of joy!  
Thank you Sarah & family!
Male 5 Seal $2000 ~ Sold thanks Jon!!
Male 6 Seal $1500 ~ Available, such a handsome face & a high stepper!
Male 2 Brindle $1250~ Sold thank you Richard
Male 4 Seal $1500 ~ Sold!  Thank you Susan
Male 1 Fawn  SOLD ~ Thank you Poppi & family!
Seal male
1. Jon
2. Susan
3. ?
Fawn/brindle male
1. Richard
2. Poppi
3. Sarah
Seal female
1. Bryan
2. Victor
Brindle female
1. Cassandra
Male 4 & 6 playing together!!
Female 3 sealed $1500 ~ SOLD, she is a brave explorer with a 100 kisses!  Thank
you Victor & family!!