Haygood Paints foals of 2014!!
New pix on for sale page 4/1/15
Any words underlined is linked to the
word :O)
ImperialCenterFold x Smarty Rose
Dug born April ~ 4/5 palomino overo colt!  He will be big
and awesome!!
For sale, some other pix on FOR SALE
page.  Pictures taken as a yearling March 2015
Mighty Bootyful  x Smarty Rose
March 24 palomino overo filly APHA Call Me Ms Monroe
hypp N/H, other 4 panel n/n.  If you remember her 2010
buckskin filly Smart Booty Call, she is a palomino carbon
copy of her! Hot stuff sister!! Pictures taken May 5, not for
sale at this time. Then yearling pictures taken 4/1/15
Blastin Rain N Roses  x Smarty Rose
Due April~ foaling out at a friends, thank you so much
for taking such great care of her!!  Bay b/s colt!! Born
4/11 pictures at  3 wks. SOLD thank you!!
Coolest Miss Gail x Powerful Legacy
Had a perfect filly!
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SP Murphy Brown x Texas Trademark
Maleficent APHA filly dark bay overo!!  Born
May 13, happy day!  :O) Pictures March 2015
as a yearling. Love Love Love!! Not for sale at
this time.
Rick and Debbie, sire Powerful Legacy overo filly born in ID
Rick and Debbie, sire Powerful Legacy overo colt born in ID
Gonzalez family has a palomino, we think overo minimal
colt by Smarty Rose.  Sorry about your loss!  He was a
good one! :O(
Congratulations the Gonzalez family on
this Powerful Legacy palomino APHA
overo filly! :O)
A big WHOOHOO to Debbie on her
double reg. AQHA/APHA palomino filly
out a really good QH mare and
Powerful Legacy.  Well wishes! Thanks
for the pix.
Faulhaber from FL had to go though a lot of
stress but it seems to have all worked out!! Two
fillies in one weekend :O)  This is a Smarty Rose
filly out of a QH mare!
Here is filly #2 from Faulhaber!  
AQHA/APHA palomino filly by her good
QH mare and Powerful Legacy! :O)
APHA ~ CALIFORNIA CHROME sorrel overo colt by Bootyful Roses (N/N daughter of
Smarty Rose) x Powerful Legacy N/N (SOLD) has hit one out of the park again!!  
Handsome N/N boy, so sweet and friendly, I'm in love!  Sticking with call names from
movie my daughter has nicknamed him "Flynn" from Tangle :O)
SOLD!! Thank you
Fine N Fearles x Smarty Rose  Born Feb 17
It's a girl!!  Streetcar Named Desire AQHA N/H bay filly, "Stella."
Tangled up at birth, her Mother is one of a kind!  Close call for both
of them but the filly is comply fine!  Mare will be staying here with
us for a while.  This filly is HOT HOT HOT!!   Pictures taken May 5.  
Working on fitting up some, maybe for sale. Hope pix soon!