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Texas Trademark
Texas Trademark x Bootyful Roses (Smarty Rose daughter). Born Feb. 28 2015, this
young man has all the right moves!!  This colt has more than enough white to make "overo" with
APHA with his face and belly white :O)  His sire is 5 panel Neg. & carries the Splashed White 1
gene.  His dam is 5 panel Neg. & carries 1 copy of the Sabino gene.  Both are OLWS not
only does this boy have the pedigree to make an amazing stallion, but he is genetics make him just
that much more!!  Pix at 1 week!  Will be for sale, but I'm not sure what his price will be, sorry.  
Check back offten :O)
Smarty Rose x Mighty Bootful ~ had the best colt we have ever had on 3/28 just before
midnight.  Handsome boy was 7 & 12 hours old, in these pictures!! First stroll out with mom, and did so
well I let them out in the field for part day.  Last night, less than 24 hours old, I though he was breathing
hard, but eating & running around & 90 degree Ca. heat...but better check temp to be safe....he had a
fever :O( had blood done.  The foaling went well, she did need a little help getting his big everything out,
but he was out in 20 mins. We even saw him nurse within an hour & half of being born, & with all those
legs that, was great timing for a colt!! But some how his body did not get the anti-bodies he needed for
him immunity.  So very sadly a half an hour after getting plasma he slipped away.  It's never easy to lose
one, it's never easy to loose the best one you have every had...and in the shortest amount of time ever
for me!  We only got 36 hours with this wonderful sweet angel with wings!! RIP 3/28 ~3/30/15
Wishful thinking?
Blastin Rain N Rose (aka Rosie) x Smarty Rose~ APHA filly...her belly is so white & missed
foaling, so unsure is belly with, but I would be she carries the sabino gene because of how
white and blaze look.  Rosie will be bred to Texas Trademark for a cross that I have wanted to
do sense I bought her in 2001!!!  I can't keep them all, & already have too maybe for
sale.  Check back.  Pictures at a few hours old!!!